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Inclusion – Learning Mentor Role

Learning Mentor

In September 2012, we introduced this new role to school and have found it to be invaluable! Mrs Livingstone works extremely hard to provide a wide range of support within school, which is offered to all of the families within our community.

Often she spends time with children who, for whatever reason, may need some support emotionally. This is always done in conjunction with families, who are involved in discussions, to help maintain strong home-school links. She is available daily for people to talk to should they feel the need to come and have a chat.

Mrs Livingstone also works closely with outside agencies such as our Family Support Worker, whose role it is to support families through personal situations.

What our families say…

‘I think that Mrs Livingstone’s new role is invaluable, and the way she offers her support in an empathetic and approachable way, is wonderful.’

‘I like talking to Mrs Livingstone about my worries and concerns.’

‘Mrs Livingstone has such empathy and really gets to know your child. She offers help and techniques, an amazing service to have at school. Thank you!’

‘I feel safe and comfortable to talk things through.’

‘Very supportive, very approachable and so helpful to the children and parents alike.’

‘I am more confident now with friendships and dealing with arguments with my classmates.’

‘I believe the role is a great asset to the school and a very necessary position.’

‘It’s great to know she’s there to go and talk to if I need it.’

‘I think that communication is key for children to express themselves and not to bottle up their worries. It’s so good to know they can confide in someone other than a family member that can offer sympathetic, impartial support and let them know it’s ok to feel sad sometimes.’

‘I think that having another adult to talk to has made a huge difference with different actions, reactions, options and explanations.’

‘I really appreciate all the help, support and advice from your team.’

‘Excellent support and knowledge.’