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New Term

Changing year groups can sometimes be a challenge for some of our pupils and we wish them well settling into their new classes. Remember if you have anything you want to discuss, please arrange an appointment to speak to the class teacher or you can get in contact with me.

My working days this term are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.


Mrs. Carrack

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Maths Dots

Learning dot patterns is a great way for children, who struggle with number, to learn to count in groups. The familiar shape of dots on a dice can be used for all types of calculations. We play games at school to ensure children learn the dot patterns and what they represent. This means that when we show a pattern they can recall the number quickly, without having to count each dot.


Dot patterns

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If you need to speak to your child’s teacher…

If you have any concerns or questions that you need to share with the class teacher, and 1:1 Learning Support Assistants if applicable,  remember to ask for a meeting with the teacher. In the mornings we aim to have a quick handover so that the children, and staff, can begin their day and it is not always possible to discuss anything in detail. Planning in a time to meet ensures that you have an opportunity to discuss any queries.

Mrs. Carrack


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Reviewing your child’s targets

Class teachers will arrange meetings with parents, this week and next week, to discuss the progress made towards your child’s Stepping Stones or Steps to Success targets. Where possible, a child’s 1:1 TA or class TA will be there to share what they have been working on since the targets were first set.

Here is an example target form:

Steps to Success Spring Term 2016

Here is the form we complete at the meeting:

Spring Term Review 2016